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A-1 Discount Tree Service offers you state-of-the-art top dressing for your lawn which mimics the natural process that fallen leaves, limbs, and other debris do to restore your soil's millions of microorganisms. Soils that are enriched with these microbes will provide nutrients to your existing lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens.


Top dressing is a simple way to restore balance to your lawn and has been applied on golf courses since the sport was invented in Scotland.

Conserve your property’s moisture

Composting your trees and shrubs is a great way to reduce the amount of maintenance needed on your landscape. It conserves water with a 10 to 25% reduction in moisture loss from evaporation.


Mulching your landscape helps keep your soil aerated by reducing the natural soil compaction process that results from falling raindrops. Maintaining a soil temperature that is uniform throughout the winter and summer seasons reduces the likelihood of soil-borne diseases while promoting the growth of helpful microorganisms.

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  • Fine black mulch

  • Fine mixed mulch

  • Fine red mulch

  • Flagstone rock

  • Fountains

  • IPEMA certified playground material

  • Rock and landscape products

  • Unique landscaping supplies

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