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Tree pruning Tree pruning

Keeping Your Trees Healthy and Attractive

Thinning out your tree will allow more light to penetrate through to allow your lawn and gardens below to thrive. This process also reduces the weight on your trees' limbs, helping it to retain its natural shape. Cleaning your tree is the process of removing dead, diseased, dying, and low-vigor branches from the tree's crown. Raising the crown of your tree and removing the lower branches will provide your property a clear path for buildings, vehicles, and pedestrians. This will provide you with an unobstructed view.


At A-1 Discount Tree Service, we perform complete tree trimming and pruning services for commercial and residential properties of all sizes using our clean and thoroughly examined equipment. Don't forget to ask for a FREE pruning evaluation when you contact us.

Make room for a new addition

Tree reduction is an excellent alternative to tree removal. It allows you to keep your tree well-established, healthy, and long-lasting.


If you have a remodeling project for home expansion and you don’t want to completely remove a healthy tree, we’ll provide your property with tree reduction using our clean equipment to avoid spreading fungi. Tree reduction is the process of reducing the size of your tree, making space for your utility lines and new home additions.

Why tree pruning?

  • Clearance for power lines

  • Earth-friendly recycling

  • Healthier trees

  • Maintain structural integrity

  • More natural light

  • Removing dead limbs

  • Space for your vehicle

  • Trees are biodegradable

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